Manicures & Pedicures

A Manicure is a treatment for the fingernails and hands while a Pedicure is similar but for the toenails & feet.

The names come from the Latin words 'manus' which means hand, 'pedis' which means of the foot, and 'cura' which means care.

During a Manicure, your hands are soaked & the cuticles treated.  The nails are then filed and the hands massaged.  If required, then nails are then painted.  Some treaments - such as a French Manicure - take longer and therefore cost more.

For a Pedicure, your feet are soaked in a spa bath after which all hard skin is removed.  The nails are cut & filed and any cuticles are treated then removed.  Your feet are then massaged & if required the nails are painted with Orly Nail Polish.

Current Manicure & Pedicure Options & Prices
Full Manicure with Massage £20
French Manicure £23
Deluxe Manicure with hot mitts or paraffin wax £28
Full Pedicure with Spa, Hard Skin removed, Foot & Leg Massage £28
Pedicure with French Polish £33
Deluxe Pedicure with hot mitts or paraffin wax £36
File & Paint £12
Nail Paint or Paraffin Wax Treatment £9